音乐al Notes 100

音乐 is an integral part of life – from the charts to Classical music,  music plays a major part of our daily lives.  The National Curriculum requires students to have an understanding of performing a variety of music from different periods & genres, as well as composing their own pieces and listening to and analysing pieces of pre-existing music using the elements of music.


Our aim in 音乐 is to ensure that all our students:

·         Can perform confidently in a variety of musical styles

·         Are able to explore and become confident composers

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·         Use Technology effectively, improving musicality


太太Ç烧伤 |Subject Leader – 音乐 and ITT Mentor
夫人Ĵ琼斯 | Teacher – 音乐 | RE


At Prenton, there are two 音乐 classrooms and three practice spaces for group work or instrumental tuition.
一间教室是一个专门的音乐技术实验室随着运行的是最新的软件包括GarageBand中的最新型号的苹果Mac电脑的二十名。这些项目是从今年7月初来提高学生的音乐,工艺精湛。 GCSE音乐的学生,与那些一起学习表演艺术,有使用大殿 - 一个三层的舞台,灯光钻机和桌子和一个32轨数字音频服务 - 和一个戏剧工作室。有无线麦克风对表演者,一个鼓包,一类集键盘,ukuleles和非洲鼓鼓,和一桑巴套件。

Curriculum provision for Years 7,8,9

In year 7 students have 2 lessons per week. They study 4 topics which are: basic music skills; environmental sounds; elements of music; exploring sounds. 
In year 8 students operate on a carousel with other arts-based subjects. They spend 27 lessons learning about these three topics: film music; theme & variation; samba. 

The GCSE curriculum

Syllabus: 1MUO
Examination Board: Edexcel
Qualification: GCSE音乐. Graded 9-1

Component 1- Performance (30%): Students must record one solo and one ensemble performance of a piece of music of their choice. Internally marked, externally moderated.


Candidates are required to compose one piece of music which explores two or more of the five Areas of Study. This may be in any style or genre of the candidate’s choosing.

The composition must be submitted as follows:
2. A musical score. In this case, a score is understood to be any written format that is appropriate to the particular genre of music presented. This could include:
· staff notation
· graphic notation
· a written account detailing the structure and content of the music
· a combination of some or all of these.


Why choose 音乐 as an Option?

The course offers an excellent programme of 音乐al study which enables students to:

·         follow a practical approach with greater weighting given to performance
·         have an accessible approach to the formal listening skills, using a wide variety of music.
·         grow as musicians
·         listen to and appraise different musical styles and genres
·         how to create and perform music as individuals and in groups.

Important requirements



There is a wide and varied programme of extra-curricular music at Prenton with something to satisfy every 音乐ian’s needs.

Careers in or relating to music include: